A Loss of Wisdom Squared

Today I'm getting my upper wisdom teeth yanked. So I have no idea how long I'll feel icky. I have some ideas brewing but I don't have time to give them the thought they deserve before my appointment so I thought I'd give you some lolcats and other fun or thought-provoking pictures today.

ur crappy day is irrelevant. I have unmet needs.

Politics: noun- frum Greek - "Poli" - many; "tics" - blood sucking parasites.

Beware of Dogma

You appear to be lost in thought...
I know it's unfamiliar territory for you. Shall I send a rescue party?

Zombie Apocalypse: Chances are, you're already surrounded by mindless, bloodthirsty, half-alive, subhuman wretches. An actual zombie outbreak would just give you an excuse to do something constructive.

C'mon, c'mon, it's either one or the other!

don't exist

No, I won't c0exist with your delusions.

To the Jehovah's Witnesses who keep knocking on my door and talking to my children while I"m out. This is for you.


  1. I had some maulers pulled out so my wisdom teeth wouldn't have to be and I think the worst part was the sound of the pulling and the feeling that my lips were extending across half the room. Of course without anesthetics I'm sure I'd be saying something different right now.

    They told me the remaining holes might hurt badly once the anesthetics wore off, but it really wasn't bad for me at all. There was a mild pain that subsided rather quickly.

    It was actually quite uneventful. Compared to getting shots I'd argue it was quite lovely, despite the anesthetics shots in my jaw. It's just the cracking sound of my teeth being pulled out that was nightmarish. And the waiting for half an hour or so while the anesthetics properly took effect, as my lips seemed to grow whole centimeters. The effect of the anesthetics was horrible, but from experience by having a hockey stick knocked into one of my front teeth I can tell you it's quite preferable to the real deal (assuming having teeth pulled would be a hundred times more painful, otherwise it's about the same :P).

    Speaking of strange nightmares, a couple days ago I dreamed that my face was being cut due to me scratching it to relieve an itch, with blood gushing down my face. As I woke up bathing in sweat there was nothing the matter, except that my face was rather itchy. I scratched it, and nothing strange happened. ;)

    So anyway, I hope that you'll only feel bad for a few hours tops, pretty much like me a little over a decade ago.

  2. Eesh, Frans, that is messed up with that dream! Did you know there's a little place in your brain that only recognizes teeth and eyes? People who have problems with that area have hallucinations of teeth and eyes. I read that in The Believing Brain. Creep-o-rama!

    So far, I'm doing pretty well. A mild headache that the Tylenol 3 hasn't gotten rid of, some soreness, but nothing too bad. The creaking and pressure and cracking wasn't so bad for me. The doctor told me what to expect every step of the way so that really helped.

    But I am not liking the soft foods diet while watching Butch eat cookies and sweat and sour pork, etc. My mashed potato dinner wasn't satisfying at all!
    Oh well, it had to be done and I was a trooper. :) Now, I'm going to bed early with a bit of Tylenol 3 and a good book!

  3. Well, the creaking and cracking wasn't fun, but I was able to deal with it since he told me it was normal.

    Yeah, I think I'd freak out if I had teeth and eye hallucinations all the time.

    Your experience you described sounds so weird!

  4. I thought I'd clicked "reply to this comment" earlier. Oh well.

    I guess I'd feel worse if my arm were being amputated and someone was saying "don't worry, it's normal for it to sound like I'm sawing a branch off a tree," but I'll quit blabbering on about it now.

  5. HA! Excellent point, Frans.
    In that light, yes, you're right it's very creepy to hear that creaking and cracking.