The Virgin Mary Gets Sexed Up In Chile

Rawr! The Virgin Mary is SEXY!

sexy virgin maryI think I may convert to catholicism! Will she welcome me into her warm and ample bosom?

This story is really great. Ricardo Oyarzun, a fashion designer in Chile, is supposedly having a show on the 22nd (unconfirmed date) in Santiago. The models will be dressed like the Virgin Mary. And apparently Mary was a real knockout.

That's not what made me laugh though. I mean, sure, it's funny, but fashion designers are always pushing boundaries, seeing what they can get away with. They need to be edgy and different and shocking. Yadda Yadda Yawn. Whatever.

But the reactions of the roman catholic church just tickled my funny bone. A conservative group already tried unsuccessfully to get the show blocked. The designer has been threatened and shit has been spread on his door. (fine catholics doing the lord's work, of course. freaking hypocrites)
"There is no pornography here, there's no sex, there are no virgins menstruating or feeling each other up," Oyarzun said ahead of the catwalk show set to be held at a Santiago nightclub later on Thursday. "This is artistic expression."

sexy virgin marySo here's the reaction of the catholic church. Oh the piety, oh the sincerity, oh the HYPOCRISY:
"We look on with special pain and deplore those acts which seek to tarnish manifestations of sincere love toward the Virgin Mary, which end up striking at the dignity of womankind by presenting her as an object of consumption," Chile's Episcopal Conference, which includes Catholic bishops, said in a statement.

When the catholic church stops looking the other way when their very own priests rape and molest boys in the name of god, then maybe they might have a say on dignity. When the catholic church starts treating women with equality and dignity, when they have a voice and are allowed to have a relationship with their amoral, hateful, misogynistic tyrant god, then maybe they can talk about sincerity and love.

They don't know love, they don't know what it means to treat a human being with dignity, they don't know or care about women being treated with respect. They are hypocrites of the highest order, degrading to the human spirit. They simply choose to oppress and repress natural human sexuality and beauty, to stamp out normal healthy attraction. They are reprehensible to women, children and men everywhere.

Found here and here.

My friend Steve over at Infidelicacy did a story on the Mexican Playboy issue where they did a sexy version of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Personally I think it's hilarious.

we love you mariaApparently the issue was published in Mexico this past December, days before a Mexican festival devoted to honoring Jesus' mom.  The cover says, We love you Maria, in Spanish. Ballsy!

The president of the catholic league was snide in his comment:
"Playboy's juxtaposition of the sacred with the profane is a game that many have played, but to exploit Catholicism and insult Latinos in the same breath is novel. The December cover of its Mexican edition demonstrates once again that when it comes to good taste, Playboy remains quintessentially virginal."

The publisher of Playboy Mexico, Raul Sayrols, said this:
"The image is not and never was intended to portray the Virgin of Guadalupe or any other religious figure," Sayrols said. "The intent was to reflect a Renaissance-like mood on the cover."


  1. Wow. That first picture is freakin' hot. It reminds me a bit of the brouhaha that surrounded this bit of nonsense:

    Seriously, though. We're in 100% agreement about whether or not you should call a kettle black, if you're just a pot. A pot that happens to repeatedly molest little children, while that kettle that's got yer eye is just, well, a fine looking kettle.


  2. You're so funny, Steve. :D Thanks for linking me. I'm adding your story to the post, OK?

  3. Sorry, but I think the virgin Mary probably more closely resembled Rhea Perlman than any of those chicks!
    Knowing the track record of the males indigenous to that region, she wouldn't have made it to her purported 14-15 years old as a virgin looking like that.....

  4. Ha! You're totally right, Butch. <3 :)

  5. If I were God I would tap that. And I could, because I am God.

  6. HAHAHAHAHA!!! LOLZ! And circular reasoning works because circular reasoning works because.... LOL

  7. I'm really glad I wasn't drinking anything when I read your comment, there, James. Cause that was hilarious.

  8. I agree, that comment made me LOL. :D